I have been always a nugget girl

who was always by my

mother’s leg. She was my

protector and my helper, but

that ended the day she left me

at the age of eight. As hard as it

was I had to stand up and

speak for myself. I started to see a different version of

the world. I was taken out of

my comfort zone because I was

forced to grow up and mature

quickly. I learnt that Life owes

me nothing for not having and

not having a mother was

nobody’s fault. At a very tender

age I refused to let my situation

define who I was. I was very

aware that I was responsible

for what I choose to do; that my

freedom lies in taking up

responsibility. So I learnt to be

my own woman, tough and

ambitious. I found sense of self

in knowing that I can do

anything because I carry a light

inside me. To the women

reading this, don’t let anyone

define who you are; never try to

be someone else. Be yourself, be

the best version of you and take

full responsibility for your goals.

Know your worth because you

are simply the best; you are

loved and appreciated. God

knew you before you were even

born; He set you apart for

greatness, so why would you

settle for less? Why would you

be silent when you are being

abused? Why would you

bottle up your feelings when

you have the freedom and

liberty to always speak your

mind? Be your own woman and

celebrate the woman in you. God Loves you for who you are.